“Kingspan Spectrum™ is a proven organic coating on an alloy substrate inspired by choice, aesthetic brilliance and guaranteed natural performance.”


Kingspan Spectrum™ features and benefits:

Automatic 15 year Coating Guarantee:

Outstanding durability and weather resistance performance in harsh environments and climates

High aesthetic performance – High color & gloss  retention

Superior flexibility and high resistance to mechanical damages

Wide range of solid and metallic colours available

A result of many years of research and development

100% recyclable–Chlorine,phthalates and plasticizers free

Excellent corrosion and UV-resistance

Simple Guarantee administration

Zero maintenance for the life of the Guarantee

Includes cut edge protection for the life of the


Not orientation dependent

Guarantee is available to the building owner and is transferable

Simple Guarantee administration



Colour Range





Applications Esternal use in severe environments Basic coating for standard outdoor applications
Description Thickness 60 µm 25 µm
Composition on front 20 µm primer+40 µm top coat 5 µm primer +20 µm top coat
Composition on back 12 µm backing coat (2 layers) 7 µm backing coat
Gloss (Gardner 60o) 30 GU 30 GU
Appearance slightly grained smooth
Temporary protection no need self adhesive film
Robustness Adhesion of the coating (T-bend) ≤ 1 T ≤ 2 T
Resistance to cracking on bending/T-bend ≤ 1,5 T ≤ 3 T
Surface "pencil" hardness F to H HB tos H
Clemen scratch resistance ≥ 3 kg ≥ 2 kg
Durability Corrosion resistance - Salt spray test 700 h 360 h
Corrosion resistance category RC5 RC3
Humidity resistance 1500 h 1000 h
UV resistance - UVA + H2O Test (2000h) ∆ E < 2,GR ≥ 80% ∆ E ≤ 5,GR ≥ 30%
UV resistance category RUV 4 RUV 2
Resistance to various substances very good good
Guarantee automatic 15 years max 5 years







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